BC Rich Earns Platinum Award for Bich and Mockingbird


BC Rich Earns Platinum Award for Bich and mockingbird

November 21, Clearwater, Florida. BC Rich announced today that they will be receiving the coveted Platinum Award for Quality and Design from Guitar World Magazine for its newly released Exotic Classic Mockingbird AND the Exotic Classic 10 String Bich guitars.

The roots of B.C. Rich are steeped in the time honored tradition of woodworking and old world craftsmanship in guitars. The B.C. Rich 10-String Bich and Mockingbird guitars are nothing actually new to BC Rich .. these designs have been around for quite some time. With that said, the current version of these classic models deliver a look and tone that is definitely something out of the ordinary. These Exotic guitars will be available in a Spalted Maple top Warlock, a Spalted Maple and Koa top Mockingbird and a Spalted Maple and Koa top Bich all with matching headstock overlays.

Reviewed in the February issue of Guitar World, the tester..s enthusiasm is impossible to ignore, ….(of the Exotic Classic 10 String Bich) exceptional acoustic resonance with particularly long-ringing bass notes… Combined with my Marshall JCM 800..s lead tone, the fiery Rockfield pickups brought out pyrotechnic brilliance in the mids and an abundance of sparkle in the highs. The neck was terrifically comfortable and the harmonious chorus of the octave strings was absolutely addictive. Nothing but gloriously lush tones emanated from this high-end 10-string, producing some extremely fun and memorable playing experiences…

The enthusiasm continued with the Exotic Classic Mockingbird, ..The Mockingbird..s tone was warm and clear, with a powerful bass signature and punchy high notes. The Rockfield Mafia pickups harnessed this essence and delivered it to my modified Marshall with surprising finesse. Low-gain settings with the Mockingbird..s neck pickup yielded mesquite-charred Texas blues..style mids that were imbued with a velvety treble snap. Upping the distortion and switching to the high-powered bridge ..bucker made my Marshall sound as if it had been hit by a lightning bolt of metallic tone. The Mockingbird was tonally transformed into a screaming raptor, with chunky lows, razor-sharp treble attack and ripping mids…

Guitar World summed it all up with, ..The tones they produce blend vintage depth with contemporary attitude, and the exquisite feel of their three-piece necks represents almost 30 years of design evolution. Very impressive!..

The Exotic Classic Mockingbird (List $1120) and Exotic Classic Bich 10 (List $1190) are available now.

For more information, contact B.C. Rich at 800-999-5558 or visit www.bcrich.com
BC Rich can be seen at the Winter Namm Show, January 18-21, 2007 at Booth ..4884.


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9 Responses to “BC Rich Earns Platinum Award for Bich and Mockingbird”

  1. I’m from Moscow,and i’ve been using B.C.Rich guitars for 3 years-not too much. But the first time i took a V, i understood,that it’s my bride. Killer tone,awesome shape and the price…. I wish the company twice success every year,new ideas and new shapes and new rewards! I love you!

  2. BC roch is hot :X

  3. Bc Rich kickass!!!! I love all of your guitars!!!

  4. yea ur bich’s are so u now they feel so!!!!!!!! good u know too bad itll take me some time to afford the master peice:-( if only it waas a bit! cheaper i wouldve gottin it by now but just a matter of month’s by the way why dont u guys make a guitar with a beast bottom and the top of a warlock i aasked neal but he said it would be too big but if u like it email me at crazydude555to666@yahoo.com

  5. by the way i have why dont u ask kerry king if u guy’s could make more of his kkv’s that one with the beast headstock was radical the one at nAMM tht would be totally amzing

  6. Am i surprised?
    Your guitars kiss ass, so you deserve it.

    I will have the Draco and Widow soon, i hope, the best looking guitars ever!! Ive tried to get the original second hand with no luck, so im really glad you guys rereleased it, thanks!!

  7. I own one of your Warlock’s and it is one of the best guitars I have played

  8. I don’t own a Mockingbird Classic yet but after playing one at the local music store I am determined to own one soon. The combination of the buttery smooth neck and the sounds coming from the Rockfield pups set my creativity on fire. Not to mention that it’s just simply a beautiful guitar. Anybody want to trade a Schecter C-1 Classic for one?

  9. I own a Mockingbird thin-line acoustic, with the Pontiac airholes….what a fantastic sounding guitar…..for an acoustic/electric, it rocks you until tears come to your eyes….and then you can raunch it out a little.

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