WMD Warbeast Wins Guitar World Magazine’s Platinum Award for Quality and Construction

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE BC Rich Announces WMD Warbeast Wins
Guitar World Magazine’s Platinum Award for Quality and Construction


July 23, 2007. Hebron, Kentucky. BC Rich announced today that they will be receiving the coveted Platinum Award for Quality and Design from Guitar World Magazine for its new WMD Warbeast. The new Warbeast derives its name from combining the rear of the 1981 Warlock with the aggressive horns from the 1999 Beast guitar.

In their review, Guitar World gear tester Eric Kirkland had these enthusiastic comments to say:

“These thoughtful features, combined with the guitar’s refined appearance and flawless playability, position the Warbeast as the archetype for future serious metal guitar designs.”

” (The new Warbeast shape) It’s a striking outline that begs the question, “Why didn’t someone think of this sooner?”

Guitar World summed it all with, “B.C. Rich’s WMD Warbeast is destined to become a classic. The blended body shape alone is a stroke of radical genius, but this guitar is also a joy to play, with low action, a shredder’s fretboard and a recessed double-locking original Floyd Rose tremolo system. The icing on the cake is the Rockfield pickup set. These two pickups generate an incomparable balance of power, sustain and punch, perfectly flattering the Warbeast’s intelligent design.”

WMD Warbeast Specifications
Construction: neck through
Body wood: nato (eastern mahogany)
Body thickness: 45mm
Top style: side beveled
Body binding: no
Headstock style: SOB Beast
Headstock color: onyx
Headstock binding: no
Tuners: Grover Rotomatics
Neck wood: maple
Back of neck: onyx
Fretboard: ebony
Frets: 24 jumbo 2.7mm
Factory strings: 9 – 42
Nut: 43mm locking
Scale: 25 1/2″
Bridge / Tailpiece type: Floyd Rose original tremolo
Pickups: 1 Rockfield Fat Ass (bridge) and 1 black Rockfield mafia (neck) humbuckers
Controls: 1 volume, 1 three-way toggle and 1 tone
Hardware: black chrome
Finish: painted glossy
Color: onyx with red pinstripes on the body edges

The WMD Warbeast (List $1020) is currently available at authorized BC Rich retaillers. For more information, contact B.C. Rich at 800-999-5558 or visit www.bcrich.com

Learn more about the WMD Warbeast


~ by bcrich on July 23, 2007.

47 Responses to “WMD Warbeast Wins Guitar World Magazine’s Platinum Award for Quality and Construction”


  2. What’s next? The Beastlock… rearend of the beast with the horns of the Warlock?
    He he, that’d be cool. NUMetal rules

  3. Congrats on winning this award…..but….um….. Well, at least it wasn’t the Draco.

  4. Congradulations on the award. I am already saving up for the Warbeast. Right now I own the Mockingbird and Warlock. And they both are still awesome to this very day.

  5. I have a warlock platinum pro, and it’s a joy to play.
    Just to know that something as awesome as the warbeast got the platinum award makes me want to rip into my savings and own it myself. Keep the new ideas rollin B.C. Rich.

  6. make it into a bass

  7. awesome guitar. congrats. keep rockin.


  9. […] And while we’re on the subject of the truly demonic, B.C. Rich’s serious new shredmonster, the WMD Warbeast, has taken home Guitar World’s Platinum Award for Quality & Construction. […]

  10. Congratulations, BC Rich. Your guitars have been my 1st choice for over a decade, and the award is well deserved. My Warbeast is already sitting at home waiting for me to come home from Iraq. Keep building ’em, we’ll keep playing ’em.

  11. Congratulations, we are proud to be a BC Rich guitar player.

  12. holy fuck, this guitar looks amazing. i bet it plays as well as it looks.

  13. congrates. I own a warbeast and it is awesome! now i’m saving to get WMD warbeast.

  14. You dudes make incredible guitars!

  15. the WMD WarBeast just became my guitar to aspire to… and made me realize (and inspired) me to be a better guitar player to justify a purchase like that… but OMG this guitar rocks! that is the best and the most outrageous guitar i have ever seen…! ^_^

  16. Fuck That Is A lovely guitar it truely is……….good on ya BC Rich 🙂

  17. awesome..!!
    i always dream that i will playing music with BC Rich guitar..

  18. if you made an acoustic, kinda dreadnought sized, but warlock shaped, would you name it the dreadlock?

  19. i have died and gone to heaven.

  20. It sure looks awesome, and I’ll bet it sounds awesome. So far the only BC Rich guitar I’ve had the chance to play was the Dark Arts Warlock. Could someone who has played both of them tell me how that guitar’s sound compares to the WMD Warbeast?

  21. Dude, you guys need to bring back the ASM w/ Reverse headstock, Warlock and Warbeast with Reverse headstocks. Its more like a trident or spear reversed and is sick as hell, aways has been always will. And use 500k pots for more range.

  22. Sweet axe guys. Good work.

  23. holy shit!!! Ozzy would be proud. That’s the sickest fuckin guitar ever!!! im gonna save up and get one ASAP!!

  24. wow that amazed me completly come up with more sick guitars guys

  25. after owning almost every guitar by bc rich since 1999 ive never fuckin seen shit like this great work keep it up

  26. First- congratulations. Second-… this guitar looks fucking awsome I like everything about it… I already started to save money to buy it.

  27. Whens the beastlock coming out?……that would be cool

  28. jajajaja yeah, i have my own warbeast WMD FOR 700 DOLARES DLS… is the best guitar, bc rich rules… but with EMG active set this guitar becomes a really WARBEAST FROM HELL!!! VIVA MEXICO CABRONES

  29. Please, BC Rich, make a Warbeast-Bass !!!


  31. Favorite Guitar out off all great sound ultimo distortion pickup although i am not a fan of no 3, 5, 7. . Fret symbols but besides that the ultimate bc rich guitar it will be hard to make better. . . Jimi Hendrix would be amazed. . keep it up BC RICH your still the best, Especially in art of the guitar

  32. this is a kick ass guitar

  33. I have a Warlock and a beast, byt this design is awesome, o well, there goeth my vacation coin!
    Keep it up.

  34. That’s FUCKIN’ great!!! Congratulations, B.C. Rich!!! Hail to Heavy Metal!

  35. i got the wmd warbeast about 3 weeks ago and… I F#$%IN LOVE THIS GUITAR!!!!! if ur thinking about getting one, dont! i want this b!tch all 2 myself. seriously though the quality of the guitar and its sound is FANTASTIC especially 4 the price(in fact, 4get the price u could add a couple hundred $s and id still buy it) not 2 mention the look on peoples faces wen i bring it out 4rm its coffin case. The worst thing about this guitar is not having one.
    …and no i dont work 4 b.c.rich lol 😀

  36. ow yeah it’s good
    ordert the wmd warbeast in january but it come’s to holland in december.
    can’t wait to play
    already got a warlock and an nj beast speedloader! they kick ass.
    rock on!!!

  37. One of the best guitar design ever to be created, i hope to see one near the shops here kensington, london.

  38. Gimmie one

  39. FUCKIN SICK!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. i got one yeah its good….. !!

  41. freakin awsome! i hope to get 1 soon!

  42. i was considering buying this one. i have the money for it. after reading all these comments though i think i’m gonna

  43. dude this gutair is the sickest fucking thing that B.C. rich has made in a long time besides the avenge wich i own that is another fucking bad ass beast well if u dont have one get one get one its sick ……………..o and rember it’s only ment for the strong soul’d player’s not the poser weak at heart wall hangers people it’s ment to be playd not wasted.

  44. congrats b.c.rich! i got my wmd sexybeast… i mean warbeast and love it in every way. i am now officially a b.c.rich zealot and cant wait to see what frankenstien u bring out next. thanks for remembering that guitars r a bit like cars – it cant just sound good it has to look good too. excuse me now but i have to mop up the drool my friends left after seeing my warbeast in its coffin case.

  45. I own this guitar and it is everything any death or heavy metal player could ever want !

  46. How about an ironbeast weith the forarm and upper shoulder of the ironbird and the rear of the extream beast. Thats somethin i would pay alot of money for as i love both guitars

  47. I Love This guitar! im gonna buy it soon:P

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