What the hell have we been up to? Pics from NAMM 2008.

Finally! New Pics from The B.C. Rich display at NAMM 2008! Let us know what you think!!!

Several new ones here….

Paolo and Vortex signature Warlock basses

Handcrafted B.C. Rich Custom Shop pieces here… Check out that Red Draco!

Eight string Bich Bass from the Custom Shop – is there a better looking bass out there?

Custom Shop Chuck Schuldiner Stealth! Available now from the Custom Shop!

Respect due – The Father of Death Metal – Chuck Schuldiner’s personal Stealth was on display.

L-R Rock Clouser, B.C. Rich Product Manager and Chuck Schuldiner’s nephew Chris with Chuck’s Stealth.

Yes, that’s a Custom Shop Draco in white with ghost flames.

A nice view of the B.C. Rich display – “Is this guitar heaven?”

Kerry King’s Signature guitars

More axes!

Another look at the Custom Shop pieces.

Look closely – see the Zombie guitar? That’s new for 2008!

Lastly, but not least, the Ironbird Limited Edition available during 2008!

Tell us what you think!


~ by bcrich on February 15, 2008.

24 Responses to “What the hell have we been up to? Pics from NAMM 2008.”

  1. I’m buying one of those Ironbird Limited Editions!

  2. Охуенно, нах!
    I shall take ’em all!
    Красивы, сцуки!

  3. I’m so glad bc rich is bringing back the ironbird guitar,The ironbird sayes 80’s rock all over it! I think you should also make a limited edition ironbird in black . I’ll be buying one as soon as they are out!

  4. Nothing sayes 80’s rock like the ironbird! Thanks bc rich for bringing back the ironbird,would be cool if the limited edition also came in black.

  5. Please, please, make a neck thru BITCH BASS we can afford. thank you!!! sincerly, nico

  6. B.C. Rich is my favorite guitar company and the calibre series are aaaaaaaaaawesome but they don’t appear in Germany’s music stores; the same with the Kerry King signatures. Waht’s up there? I’ve already phoned the german distributor for a few times and he said that he doesn’t know. But B.C. Rich is still my favorite guitar company and always will be. The shape, the design and the sound are UNIQUE!!!!!!!!! Rock on!!!!!!!!!!!! Metal for EVER!!!!!!!!

  7. Рулитеееееее сцукииииииии
    im buying Warlock NJ deluxe can u leave some more info on my email this guitars rocksssss emm… when will it be out?


  9. I am a big fan of the Bich, but the ones shown here don’t seem to have the full active electronics that the old ones did? ??

  10. what’s up with a regular series of the Bc rich draco?? is that coming out soon???

  11. every year bc rich seems to out do themselves, and this year is no exception. the custom shop draco white with ghost flames is awesome.i wish i could talk about them all. but this is my favorite

  12. How about more color and finish options for the new retro Gunslingers. The Poison green and snakeskin look kick ass! Let’s have a few more options out there!

  13. Love the ironbird limited , and make an ironbird limited with neck thru and black sides it would be beautiful
    bc rich you rock

  14. i like music and your guitars

  15. oh thats amazing !

  16. the ironbird limited edition is the best good looking piece of bc rich ever and i’m buying 1

  17. The custom shop Draco,white,with ghoast flames,the most beautiful AXE period.I have to have one someday,I also love the ironbird limited edition,the only problem is they will be sold out,before i can even think of her in my arms…BC RICH you are the best,keep it up,and try and rethink the ironbird being limited,she is so Beautiful.

  18. Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation 🙂 Anyway … nice blog to visit.

    cheers, Exaggeratory

  19. Neck-through deluxe or calibre Ironbird for next year PLEASE!!!!!!!

  20. B.C.Rich guitars,

    Hi, My name’s Tom and i am a huge fan of B.C.Rich. I have the kerry king v’ and warlock and i am saving up for a collection of other v’s and warlocks, your guitars are truely amazing and far better than some of the more publisised brands such as gibson and fender. But i would like to make a suggestion to a couple of models that could help out users like myself. One of the guitars I plan on buying is the exotic warlock. It is stunning and i love it’s straight to the point simplicity, all metal. however a tremolo could be of awesom use. Now, Guy marchaise has a similar guitar only with bevels that has a kahler which works well with the looks of the guitar. This would send me straight onto my dealers site if you were to re issue the exotic warlock with a kahler. Also I love the Calibre Warlock, which is also on my “to buy” list and I was wondering if you could request a calibre v model to be produced from your european handcrafted shop. I dont think any other manufacturer offers any cheaper custom shop line, which is why i am sticking with you guys for my whole music carrier. A calibre v would draw my attention aswell as many others and my wallet wouldn’t be able to resist.I am looking forward to buying your guitars.

    yours sincerly

  21. cool i just got my ironbird love it !!!

  22. dude you guys should make a snakeskin stealth!!!!! but more affordable cuz $4,000 for a guitar is kinda rediculous

  23. I think, I mean, I know B.C. Rich will be my next guitar. Which one…? That’s a hard call. If I had the money, 1 of each please.

  24. my prairs have been awnsered

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